The final break from my religious past


Part 2-D of a multi installment series for LENT

2. Down the Road of Doubt – When did a crack in your faith first appear? Was it a moment of intellectual questioning or emotional disappointment?

Seminary – The final movement away from the Catholicism with which I grew up and the Christian Unitarian Universalism I now claim came through a series of experiences I lump together as “seminary,” although not of all this experience involved being an actual seminary student.

I think my seminary experience began during my last two years of college. During that time, following my depressive episode, I read two books about the rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Parting the Waters and  Bearing the Cross and then virtually all of King’s own writing beginning with the collection A Testament of Hope. My Christianity began to take shape around the call of the Gospel to free the oppressed and work for justice and peace. I began to see the teachings of Jesus as quite a demanding call and very unlike what many churches made of the religion they claimed was based on this teaching. I also devoured books by and about Mahatma Gandhi. I became very involved with Amnesty International and human rights work. Continue reading “The final break from my religious past”