Changes to Ethical Guidelines in UU Ministry

UUMA_and_tagline_logo_4inch_300dpi_RGBtransI have signed this letter of response to proposed changes in the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Guidelines for the Conduct of Ministry:

A Letter in Response to the Proposed Changes in the UUMA Guidelines

I will be supporting this amendment offered by Rev. Sarah Stewart:

Proposed amendment to the Code of Conduct revisions
UUMA Annual meeting, Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Brought by Sarah Stewart

Whereas the current Code of Conduct of the UUMA does not recognize differences of
identity and social location among ministers, and whereas UU ministers have engaged
in conduct unbecoming of a minister which our current guidelines have not been
adequate to address,

Be it resolved that the membership of the UUMA shall study the proposed changes to
the UUMA Code of Conduct published on May 1, 2019;

Be it further resolved that the following process shall be observed for the study period:

• The UUMA executive committee shall ensure that study materials are available to
chapters no later than September 15, 2019. Study undertaken by chapters will be
eligible for continuing education units;
• Edits and revisions to the current text shall be sent by chapters or individuals to the
UUMA exec no later than March 15, 2020;
• Alternative proposals to the current text shall be signed by no fewer than 100 UUMA
members and submitted to the UUMA exec no later than March 15, 2020;
• The various options which emerge from this process shall be published to UUMA
members by April 15, 2020 for a straw vote at Ministry Days 2020. The UUMA exec
may combine very similar proposals into one for the purposes of this vote;
• If no substantial revisions or alternative proposals have been received, a final vote on
the above changes to the Code of Conduct shall be in order at Ministry Days 2020;
• If there is more than one proposal, a vote shall be held among them at Ministry Days
2020, to choose a final draft for a year of study.

The UUMA exec shall provide a process for the 2020-21 year of study. A final vote to adopt or not adopt the final draft changes shall be in order at Ministry Days 2021;

And be it further resolved that while major revisions to the Code of Conduct are under
consideration for the study period of one or two years, the UUMA shall not recommend
any changes on the connection between fellowship and membership in the UUMA.

I am open to discussion about any of this.

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