The Exhausting Battle with the Evil Demon of Depression

This is the 9th post in my Lenten series on depression based on Monica A. Coleman’s book Not Alone.

Like many people with depression, I have often, and sometimes still do, think of depression as an evil entity, almost a sentient being in its own right that stalks me like orcs or goblins from the Land of Mordor.  I have even thought of depression as the devil itself – an embodiment or manifestation of all things evil. Depression can truly be a demon.

Monica A. Coleman spends an entire chapter on how depression has been thought about and written about in just this way – like a demon. She notes that Andrew Solomon’s National Book Award winning The Noonday Demon, even refers to depression as something demonic in its title.  She reports on the language of depression as being: “ghost,” “demon,” “unholy,” “coming,” “stalking,” “taking over,” “turning me into someone else.”
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