Unitarian Universalist Pentecost – Living into the Missional Shift

Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost is celebrated in western Christianity as the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus fifty days after Easter.  The story is recounted in Acts 2:1-13.  Put aside for a minute skepticism about the story being factual.  It probably isn’t factual.  It is, however, true.  It is a story that explains how a group of small, marginalized, fearful followers of a wandering rabbi who were sacred to death about being associated with him for fear they too would rounded up and crucified stopped hiding in the shadows and began to actually live by the teachings that meant so much to them.   It is in essence a story about how a group of people decided to live their lives on fire; to actually live as though they believed in and valued the lessons the teacher taught.  It is a story of a people finding the guts, strength, and courage to risk being who they say are.   Here’s the story.  A mighty wind and tongues of fire come upon Jesus’ friends and followers:

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